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Here are some of the more commonly used open position chords. 

banjo chords

These are moveable chord forms. That means that they are different chords on different frets. I have included the major, minor, 7th, diminished (sometimes written with a small zero next to the letter name) and the augmented (sometimes witten with a plus sign next to the letter name.) The circled dot represents the root, or letter name of the chord. When using the "Form 1" chord formation, if the dot is one the 2nd fret, theses chords with be A, am, A7, Adim and Aaug. When there are moved up so that the circled dot is on the 3rd fret, they are A# or Bb, a#m or Bbm, A#7 or Bb7, etc. With the circled dot on 4th fret they become B chords. On 5th fret C, 6th fret C# or Db, 7th fret D, 8th fret D# or Eb, 9th fret E, 10th fret F, 11th fret F# or Gb, 12th fret G, 13th fret G# or Ab.
When using "Form 2" chords, if the circled note is on the 3rd fret, the letter name of the chord will be F. On the 4th fret F# or Gb, 5th fret G, 6th fret G# or Ab, 7th fret A, 8th fret A# or Bb, 9th fret B, 10th fret C, 11th fret C# or Db, 12th fret D, 13th fret D# or Eb, 14th fret E.
When using the "Form 3" chords, if the circled note is on the 2nd fret, the letter name of the chord will be C# or Db. On the 3rd fret D, 4th fret D# or Eb, 5th fret E, 6th fret F, 7th fret F# or Gb, 8th fret G, 9th fret G# or Ab, 10th fret A, 11th fret A# or Bb, 12th fret B, 13th fret C.

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