My Paintings

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Besides music, I have other passions in my life. If you went to my bio page, "About Myself" you may have noticed my love for the martial arts, ballroom and swing dance as well as travel. Probably my greatest passion, next to music, is art. I got a minor in art and studied drawing, watercolor, oil, pastel, charcoal and acrylic. I have posted some samples of my art below.

This is an acrylic painting with a play on the Arizona Diamond Backs. It gave me a chance to paint some of my favorite subjects....dogs.

AZ D-barks

This is a portrait of my dog, Banjo. I did this in pastels.

Banjo portrait

This was an acrylic painting I did to use as a Christmas card one year. It is called, "The Muttcracker."


This is another painting I did for a Chridtmas card. It is an acrylic painting called "The Christmas Kiss."

Christmas Kiss

The is a watercolor I did of my dog, Penny. We lost her several years ago at the age or 17.


This is an Acrylic/Oil painting called "Standoff at Foggy Bottom."


This is a charcoal I did. It won a first place at the Idaho State Fair.

The Tiger

This is an acrylic painting called, "Serengeti Sentry." The Cheetah is one of my favorite animals and a great subject.

Serengeti Sentry

Inspired by my love of music, this is an acrylic called, "Solo."


This is a style that hss been a popular seller for me. I used a matte medium transfer for the background notes and painted acrylic over the top of it.

colors of jazz

Once again, inspired by my love of the guitar and music, this is an acrylic called, "Sunshine Serenade"

Sunshine Serenade

This painting used the same process as "Colors of Jazz." This one is a portrait of Andre Segovia, called "The Maestro."


Same style. This is inspired by B B King. I painted it just after his death. It is called, "The Thrill is Gone."

thrill is gone

This is an acrylic called, "Wildflower Serenade."

wildflower serenade

This uses the matt medium transfer technique for the background and painted acrylic over the top. Painted to honor the Marine Corp. I served with them for three years. This piece is called, "Raising the Red, White & Blue."

raising the red white and blue

Same style. I painted this for my brother, Al. He served in the Navy for 23 years. His last ship was the aircraft carrier Constellation CV64. I lost my brother to cancer in 2016. I call the painting, "Launching the Red, White & Blue."


This was my tribute to the airforce jet. It is a history of the jet through art. I call it, "Flying the Red, White & Blue."


Every trip to Russia inspired me to paint. I love the churches of Russia. This is an acrylic painting called, "Russian Shadows."

Russian Shadows

Another old Russian Orthodox church. I called this acrylic painting, "Church Under a Restless Sky."

Church under a restless sky

This is an oil painting I did many years ago. It is called, "Foggy Shore."

Foggy Shore

This is a watercolor I did, I called it, "Morning on the Bayou."


This is an acrylic painting I called, Autumn Meadow."

Autumn Meadow

This is a watercolor I painted. I call it, "Autumn Path."

Autumn Path

This is another watercolor. I called it "Morning Snow on the Ranch."

Early snow

This was one of my favorite watercolors. I would have kept it for myself, but got an offer I couldn't refuse. I called it "Light in the Forest."

Light in the forest

Inspired by my stay in a castle overlooking the Rhine River. This is an oil called, Rhine Vinyard."

Rhine Vinyard

This is an oil painting I did called, "The Prospector."

The Prospertor

This is an acrylic painting called, "The Country Girl."

country girl

The is an acrylic/oil called, "The Girl in the Garden."

Girl in the Garden

This is one of my earliest oil paintings. I called it "Mountain Beauty."

Mountain beauty

Another Russian church. This one is a watercolor. I called it, "Russian Church Reflections."

Russian church reflections

I saw this mission from the interstate while driving south of Tucson, AZ. I stopped and got some photos. It is an acrylic painting. I called it, "San Xavier Sky." The church is called the San Xavier Mission, often called "The White Dove of the Desert."

San Xavier Sky

This was inspire by my trip to Lake Como in Northern Italy. I took a private painting lesson in Varena from a well-known Italian artist. She could not speak English, and my Italian was even worse. She just painted and I followed her lead.

Varena Morning

This painting was done from a photo I took of my wife reading the menu at a cafe in Belaggio, Italy. I called it "Reading the Menu at Belaggio." Not a very creative title, but appropriate.

Reading the Menu

I painted this acrylic mostly for fun, but because there was a request from the city council for the arts for artists to submit a painting having to do with wildlife. I thought they meant WILD LIFE. Anyway, it was a fun painting, and my inspiration came from a combination of the fading memory of the wild life of my youth, and a trip through my wife's shoe closet. I called the painting "Fierce Competition on the Serengiti."

Fierce Competition

This is an acrylic painting entitled, "A Long Walk Home."

hard walk home

This is a portrait I did of a friend. It is an acrylic called, "Luba's Hat."

lubas hat

I entered the Painting in a portait contest and won the people's choice award. This is a photo of it on display at the city library with the ribbon on it. 

Lubas hat ribbon

I did this painting as a wedding gift for two close friends. They were married after about 20 years of engagement. This was painted from a photo taken while waiting to be married by a judge at the county couthouse.

Scott & carol

This is an acrylic painting called, "Lady in the Rain." It won 2nd prize at the state fair.

lady in the rain

These three paintings all won ribbons at the state fair the same year.

fair winners

Another wedding gift. This one was painted for a couple of our best friends. They are ballroom dancers and it hangs in their newly remodeled home. Aptly named, "Tango."


This is an acrylic painting I did in 2018. I used it for printing Christmas cards. I named it "Caroling Canines." 


I also painted this acrylic painting in 2018 and used it for 2018 Christmas cards. I call it, "Christmas For Spot." 


This was a commission painting for a friend. It is acrylic. I call it, "Jazz Greats." 


This is an acrylic painting I named, "Midnight Caller." It won a third place ribbon and prize money in a competition for black and white subjects only. 


This is an oil painting I call, "Morning Breeze." 


This is an oil I did in 2018. It is called, "Old Country Road." 


This is an acrylic painting I did in 2018. I named it, "Open Late on State Route 1." 


This is a 2018 acrylic I named, "Rhapsody In Red." 


This is a 2018 oil painting I named, "The Rugged Julian Alps." 


This is a 2018 oil painting I named, "Slovenian Majesty." 


This is a 2018 oil painting I named, "Under The Bridge." 


This is a 2018 oil painting I named, "Wild Horse Meadow."