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   Duane & Banjo  I have designed this website in order  to share my 50 years of musical experience with others who have the love of music in common with me.
    I taught both private guitar lessons and classes at Boise State University for 24 years. I was also a private music teacher in many music stores over a 40-year period. I recently retired and would like to share my many years of knowledge with the music community. 
    I have had the opportunity to study privately or in classes, workshops and seminars with many of the greatest guitarist in the world, Christopher Parkening, Joe Pass, Ted Green, Steven King, Barney Kessel, Oscar Ghilia and Johnny Smith, just to name a few. My formal training has been in classical guitar on undergraduate level and jazz performance on graduate level. I have played in rock, country, bluegrass bands since the 1960's.
    It is my hope that others can benefit from my knowledge and years of experience. On this site I have included theory, chord charts, scale charts and hundreds of songs in different formats for both banjo and guitar. 

                                                                                                 The photo on the right is me and my dog, Banjo